Masses and Confessions


The Insigne Collegiate Church of Gandia has as its fundamental axis to serve the people of God through the sacraments, and prayer, especially the Eucharist and confession.


09:30*, 11:30 and 19:30*.

Sundays and public holidays
10:30*, 11:30, 12:30* and 19:30*.

* Monday to Saturday at 9:30h Conventual Mass.

* Sundays and Holidays at 10:30h. Conventual Mass.

* At 12:30h. It is suppressed in July, August, and September.

* Every day at 19:00h. recitation of the Holy Rosary.


Confessions will take place half an hour before each celebration.
Also during the morning, between the 9.30h and 11.30h Mass there is usually a priest hearing confessions.